Thursday, July 2, 2015

Whole Foods Party Haul

I bet you're thinking well it's about time!
I said I was going to do this Whole Foods party haul awhile back didn't I!?!  Well you know how it goes, life just gets away from you!
I went on my girls week vacation, that didn't go as planned, I got really sick and had to come home early !  :(  BooHoo!!!!
No worries I have another fun trip planned for later this summer, lets keep our fingers crossed no one gets sick this time!
I'm rambling now, oh I was saying.  Life just gets busy and before you know it, it's already July!  How did that happen!?
I am having some friends over for a little get together this weekend and decided to make a couple garden fresh appetizers.
Not from my garden though, well at least not yet.  Grow tomatoes grow!
So, today I made a trip to my local Whole Foods to snap some pictures of foods I usually pick up for party munchies.  I would say pretty similar to my Trader Joe's haul.  Just my simple go to items that you can not go wrong with.
The two appetizers I will be serving at my party will be:
Italian Skewers & a Bruschetta.  (Ill share that with you another day!)

One thing I love to pick up are one of Whole Foods Spreads! Especially the smoked fish spread!

Have you visited the cheese section at Whole Foods!?  Like I died and went to Heaven!

You're going to need to pick up some bread, nuts and olives while you are there & the choices are awesome!

The produce is always good, they have a nice variety of chips and crackers.  I picked up some hard salami and a marinated pack of mozzarella and olives that looks fabulous!  

All the people who work at the Whole Foods near me are all great people super friendly and helpful with suggestions.

Last but not least pick up some fresh flowers for your party!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I know, I know my next blog post was suppose to be my Whole Foods Haul!
I just don't have time for that before my trip though, I will have to do it after I return.
So I thought I would do a quick review, my daughter and I had a date day the other week and went to this gorgeous restaurant in Lakeville, MN named Vivo.
It is very large and very beautiful, lots of brick work, a huge "sun"room for indoor seating, a grand bar.  Lovely seating areas outdoors over looking a man made pond.

Sort of an Italian feel to it.
Service was excellent.
Liked the menu very much, items you don't always find. Original.  I hear they have an awesome Sunday brunch!

                                                                     Free Bread!

My daughter ordered the 1/2 turkey sandwich that came with fries and a salad, she gave me a little bit of the sandwich, it was really good, I really liked the apricot mustard on it.

I had the Wild Mushroom Flatbread, it came out and it was huge!  I discovered I am not a fan of truffle oil, and it was doused in it!  The crust was great, the mushrooms were great but I could not get over that overwhelming flavor of the truffle oil.

They were so kind to take it off the check, without me even asking. That is good customer service!
I would for sure come back here!
Great place to have a large party too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Coming Soon!

Well I'm super pumped!  Garden is starting to grow, Cucumbers and green beans are climbing the ropes, yellow flowers are popping up on the tomato plants.  Speaking of starting to grow so are the weeds!!  We have gotten a lot of rain and the weeds love that, so this is what we do to keep them down.

This is not my photo just one I found off the internet.  What we do is pull the big weeds, lay down newspaper around the plants then a layer of compost.  Keeps the weeds out wonderfully!  

On another note I got to borrow my Grandmas recipe box, mostly sweets recipes, she keeps most of them in her head.  I scanned those and will be putting together a book of them, sort of a cookbook for the ladies in my family. That might take me a bit but I thought it would be really nice to have, Grandma is 90!

I'm getting super excited for my "Girls Week" vacation in just over a week!  I will be bringing along to share my Rosemary Cashews, we love to munch on them while having cocktails!

One last update, did you catch my last blog post where I did a haul at Trader Joe's? (thats where I buy the cashew's to make this!).

I'll give you a heads up to what's going to be my next blog post, Whole Foods party haul!  

Happy Summer to you all!