Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shamrock's Restaurant Review

Here's my first restaurant review.  Hubbie & I went to Shamrock's on West 7th in St. Paul, MN.  This is our second time here.  Pretty hoppin place, but we have pretty good luck finding parking.  There is a large bar area where we chose to eat-its more fun in there I think (hopefully no screaming kids).  We had to wait for a table, but not long.  While waiting Marc tried this crazy game- it's a tank full of lobsters and there is a crane, like when you were a kid and you try to catch a stuffed animal.  So if you get a lobster in 60 seconds you get it for free!  Yeah right, those things are impossible to win.  Have you ever seen the picture where a kid actually crawled up in one of those stuffed animal machines?  I should have told him to try that method!

 Ok now we get seated and the waitress came over right away, and of course I get a beer & he gets a Diet Coke.  We are too predictable.  This is a great people watching place. On the back of the menu there is a picture of Guy Fieri, he ate their famous Nookie Burger, so that is what we ordered.  Marc got the sweet potato fries and I got the waffle fries, don't forget to get the seasoned sour cream to dip them in- num!  Oops forgot we started with the jalapeno poppers, very good!

Marc's fries had way too much cinnamon on them.  Mine were perfect, and so were the burgers.  Ok the waitress took a while to come back and check on us but I guess it is a Friday night & this place is getting pretty busy.  There is a band setting up getting ready for a concert.  There is a good selection on their menu and its a fun place we will for sure be going back!