Friday, August 17, 2012

Peperoncini Roll-Ups

I love to search on YouTube for new recipes.
I found this one last year & brought it to Christmas Eve at my sisters.
We usually have a different version of this but this one is the Italian version (well at least that is what the gal on YouTube said)
This was a hit, and you can't have just one!

Not much to it, this is what you need.

2 packs of Buddig Beef (name brand of lunch meat)
1 softened block cream cheese
1 jar of peperoncini's

Drain the jar of peperoncini's cut the tops off
Spread the Cream cheese on the meat slices
Spread mustard on top of the cream cheese
Lay a peperoncini's in the meat & spread roll it up & secure it with a toothpick.


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