Monday, September 17, 2012

Patrick McGovern's Pub

Ok third restaurant review!

Friday night the hubbie and I had our usual Friday night date night.

We really enjoy trying new places and the West 7th area in St. Paul MN has a lot of fun places to try.

So me being Irish the husband thought I would like this place called Patrick McGovern's Pub.

To start with the building was really cool!

Pretty old I'm going to guess, with great wood work and the layout was great.

A great big old fashioned bar right when you walk in.

And an upstairs that you can reserve for parties.

I didn't see that room there was a party going on.

Well you know I LOVE my appetizers.

So the hubbie said I'm going to surprise you and pick out an appetizer.

I agreed.

Ummmm wish I didn't!

We got a variety of different shaped fish sticks!  Triangles, squares to just your good old fashioned frozen fish stick!

I was BUMMED to say the least!

Then we ordered.

He got a burger, and liked it even though you could tell it was a frozen patty.  See a theme here yet????

I ordered a Ruben sandwich with fries, no seasoned sour cream :(

The sandwich was ok but the bottom of it was really soggy.  Did they let it sit too long???

The service hummm...

Well when we walked in we stood there for a few minutes so one sat us so I asked the bartender if we seat ourselves?

He said yes.  We pick out a table by the front windows, great view to people watch,

15 minutes go by no service yet, grrrrr mama is getting thirsty!!!

I go to the bartender again ask for a drink he apologizes (nice guy) sent the server over.

We place our order.  Oh & so you know they were not busy at all, so I'm not sure why it took so long.

Then after that she keep coming back to the table asking if that was all, I almost felt like she really wanted us to leave.

So needless to say I do not want to go back here unless its just for drinks.

Sorry Patrick's just my opinion!

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