Friday, November 9, 2012

Dick's Last Resort Review

Restaurant review time again!
Oh boy are you gonna love this!
I'm usually a quiet person but I can really open up and have fun!  I love meeting people and having a good time.
When I tell people I've been to this restaurant they are shocked because they will not go here.
And they will not go with me :( boohoo.....
But I think it was a blast!
It's Dick's Last Resort at the Mall of America.  I live right by this monster of a shopping mall.
So first off I think it takes a really special person to work here, its almost like you're an actor so hats off to the brave souls who work there.
I went to Dick's with my hubbie & youngest son about a year ago.
Our waiter came over to the table and immediately made us special hats to wear during out visit, pretty hysterical!  

So here my son & I are
Me: Instant Cougar just add alcohol (true story!)
J-Dog (nick name) My XBOX gets more play than me :(
The Hubbie: My Thong hurts! ROFLAO!

Do you see where this is going?  You said it humiliation time! 
The restaurants deco is wild & fun just a bunch of crazy stuff every where to look at.
So lets talk a little about the food.  Well my son was with & they had fried pickles on the menu so that is what we had to get. 
Pretty good I don't think you can go too wrong with that appetizer.
The menu is small & to the point, it's a southern themed menu & written on a chalk board on the wall.
This was a year ago I don't remember what we had but I remember we like it!
I hear that the bar has menus and they have large variety of appetizers (I'll sit there next time).
A few more embarrassing moments where, once when the waiter came to bring us our paper napkins he just threw fistfuls at our table for us to gather up if we wanted to use one.
My son Loves root beer & especially in the bottle so it looks like he's drinking beer (hummm just like his mama)
So the waiter brought over a HUGE highchair for my son to sit in while drinking his beer.
J & the waiter

I think I forgot to say he made us wear bibs too.
You would think that an 8 year old would just die of embarrassment, nope he ate this up!
OK now if this happened to me and not my son I may have been embarrassed but he's a trooper.
The little man needed to used the bathroom, the waiter follows J to the bathroom while shouting in the restaurant this kids gotta go to the bathroom!!!!
And when he came back the waiter carried him from the bathroom back to the table like a baby, I think he said he wet his pants?  Not sure.
Its fun to watch the other tables too.
So its kinda like dinner & a show!
There are several Dick's Last Resorts in the US.
So if you're brave I suggest you visit one!

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