Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pepper Onion Relish Dip

My Aunt Susie turned me on to this nummy dip several years ago.
And from time to time when I find myself by a Harry and David's store, I have to stock up on their Pepper and Onion Relish, it's SO good!
There are four different varieties, Hot and Smokey, Zinfandel, Classic Recipe and the Sweet Recipe.

I would use any of them for this dip.
It really depends on your liking of the flavors
There is always a sale on these too, so stock up!
If you don't have a Harry and David's store by you visit their web site you can order online.
They have many other great things at this store too.
You can make so many different things with these relishes, they are great!
So far I have made the dip & the chicken soup recipes they share with you on their web site or on the jars themselves.

All you need to make the dip is:
One jar of the Harry and David's Relish, pick your favorite flavor
One softened block of cream cheese
Optional a chopped nut of your choice, about a half a cup

How to make it:
Mix the relish and cream cheese.
Chill until ready to serve.
Serve with your favorite crackers
*if you decided to use the nuts, sprinkle on top of your dip or mix into the dip.


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