Friday, March 1, 2013

The Y Club Review

Hello and welcome to another restaurant review by (can you hear me singing that??)  Awh just kidding, I'm a little goofy today maybe because I'm not sure what to do with my self while on vacation. TV not on, people not talking non stop, phone not ringing. 
So relaxing.
The husband and I are taking a long weekend away and rented a nice little cabin in Garrison, MN just about 2 hours from the Twin Cities.
Right off of Lake Mille Lacs.
If it wasn't winter the cabin is on a golf course.
OK am I doing a cabin review or a restaurant review here?  Hummm maybe I need to do vacation reviews too, thinking out loud again.
So today we wanted to try out this restaurant called the Lonesome Pine Restaurant and Bar, recommended to us by my employers. But, since they open at 5pm in the winter, we will try to get to this before we go home.
So we went to The Y Club in Garrison.  OK the name???  Strip club???  Not fond of the name it must have a story behind it.
Great location, right on the lake. We picked window seats facing the lake and watched people ski across the lake while attached to parasails so cool!
It was a bit after noon not many people there. 
There seem to be 2 sections to the place but the other half was locked up.
A large bar in the middle of the restaurant.
The waitress was very friendly and attentive.
She told us about the specials and they all sounded great made it had to chose.
I ordered one of the specials the blackened tilapia sandwich with french fries.
Marc ordered off the regular menu he got a walleye sandwich with onion rings.
Huge portions and both were excellent!
There was a good selection on the menu & coke products (that made us happy).
I bet this place is hoppin in the summer, its gotta be the place to be.
I would totally come back here.

Hope you give it a try if your in town or passing through.

The Y Club

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