Monday, September 23, 2013

Chatterbox Pub

I wish this restaurant review was going to be better than what I'm going to write.
But, I was sadly disappointed in our experience at the Linden Hills Chatterbox Pub this past Friday evening.
My husband and I visited this restaurant a few years ago and thought it was ok.
I love the original concept they had for this restaurant.
It's theme is "games", there is a shelf filled with different games you can play during your visit.
Anything from Battleship to Battle of the Sexes.
There are a couple of t.v.'s with old school video consoles hooked up to them that you can pull up a chair and play a game.
The decor is kooky fun.  There is wall art everywhere in this place, and you are sure to see pictures that your parents or grandparents used to have.
Now, for the not so good part of this review.
The moment you walk in the door you get hit with a smell.  I'm not sure what the smell is but when you smell it you will know.
I think its grease baked in the walls?? Maybe no one cleans the place.
Not very appetizing at all.
There was no space to wait for our table until some people moved from a empty bar in the middle of the restaurant, when I say empty I mean empty there is no alcohol or bartender.  I think it might a very large hostess desk???
Waiting for our table a server comes over asks if she can get me anything, I said sure a drink, she said are you waiting for a table?
Yes I am, well I cant get you a drink that makes things too complicated.
Ummmm ok???
Two minutes later another server comes by asks if he can get us something to drink.
Yes, and thank you was my response!
At this point I'm confused, I don't' know what to think about that first server.
Finally seated and our server was very friendly and efficient.
We did not care for our food or the prices.
The only reason we gave this place a second chance is we thought it would be a fun place to bring our young son with us on date night.
Gotta say he is the only one who enjoyed his night out.
Sorry Chatterbox Pub, maybe one of your other locations is better?

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