Friday, September 13, 2013

Northern Waters Smokehaus

I've been gone a while but I'm back now!
Summer is almost over and Fall is in the air!
My vegetable garden has been supplying my family with plenty of fresh veggies and they just keep coming!
The hubbie just came back from a solo canoeing trip in the Boundary Waters (if you ask me I think he's going through a midlife crisis!) and on his drive home he stopped at an awesome deli that we HAVE to go to every time we are in Duluth, MN called Northern Waters Smokehaus.
It's SO good!   I heard of them from watching Guy Fieri, from the Food Network and I remembering salivating as they showed their smoked fish and meats, then when they said the store Northern Waters Smokehaus was in Minnesota!!!  Yeah Boy I'm in!
Long story short we always make it a point to stop by on our way thru town.
Once while we were staying in the area we ordered a picnic lunch they put together for you, we went on our way and enjoyed our lunch and got to go sightseeing in the awesome town of Duluth.
Always a hopping shop filled people stopping in for a sandwich on their lunch break or passing thru town and trying out their famous smoked fish.
They also have more to offer in their catering department.
I have actually craved it so bad that I placed an order online and had it delivered to my home shhhhh..... don't tell!
So a great appetizer for company I would suggest you try one of their smoked fish ( I love them all) make a platter of fish, assorted cheeses, nuts, olives and crackers.
You and your guests will love it.
It is a must do if your in the area!

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