Friday, January 3, 2014

Most Popular Appetizer's 2013

Happy New Year!  I'm so looking forward to a great 2014, trying all sorts of new recipes and adventuring to new restaurants with my husband!
I wanted to share with you the 5 most viewed appetizers on my blog!

#5 Taco Roll-Ups
I think most ladies know what taco roll-ups are, you might call them something else.  But these are so simple and a popular finger food at baby or bridal showers.
You can put so many different ingredients in them.

#4 Crockpot Chipped Beef Dip
This dip warms your belly up on a cold day, All you have to do is throw your nummy ingredient into a crockpot and wait to start dippin your crackers into this!

#3 Ree Drummond's "The Best Spinach Artichoke Dip"
You all know the county cook and my fellow red head, Ree Drummond, right?
She makes such great food, I'd love to go to her house for dinner sometime!
Well I got this fantastic dip recipe from one of her shows, you know its gonna be a winner :)

To be honest I was pretty surprised how popular this was!
I love when you order waffle fri's and they offer a seasoned sour cream for dipping, nummy!!

Drum roll please.......................

The #1 item viewed would be the Stuffed Banana Peppers!!!
These are super good and a nice change from a jalapeno popper once in a while(don't get me wrong I love those too)
I tried growing banana peppers in my garden this last year they grew but not very big, hopefully this year I will have better luck or my husbands friend loads us up with a bunch of his again!  I will be making these this summer for sure!

Hope you enjoyed the review and you try some of these tasty bites!

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