Sunday, January 12, 2014

Morgan's Tavern

Restaurant review time......
Why yes we do like to go out to eat can you tell by all the reviews???
Friday night date night, we found a great place in the bottom of a Best Western Primer Nicollet Inn, named Morgan's Tavern, great name.
I have a beautiful niece named Morgan :)
Walking up to this place you can just tell it's going to be good.
Large glass picture windows, you can see in the warm glow candles, smiling faces and everyone is having a great time.
We walk in to hear a great jazz band getting ready to play for the evening.
The atmosphere is wonderful, we we're seated in a lovely over sized leather booth.

We get our menus, the prices are awesome, so awesome I think they should raise them!
We ordered you guessed it, the Spinach Artichoke dip, SO good I had to make my self stop eating it so I had room for dinner (guess what I had for breakfast this morning!).

I ordered the Buffalo Chicken wrap with Sweet Potato Fris and Seasoned Sour Cream, it was really good.

But, I do have to say after I ordered, I noticed the special menu & it was Fish Fri Friday!  I really wish I would have ordered that ,oh well I just better go back !
Hubbie had the Corned Beef and Hash, not really his favorite, but he did like it.
There were so many wonderful items on the menu to choose from it made it a hard decision what to order, but like I said another great reason to go back!
They have allot of specials every day of the week and the happy hour wow!

 I would suggest if your ever in the area visit Morgan's Tavern!

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