Monday, January 6, 2014

Red Cow Restaurant Review

I thought it was time to do another restaurant review.
Recently my brother and sister in law gave my husband and I a gift certificate to a newer restaurant located in Edina, MN called the Red Cow.

I have driven by it a few times and my daughter has a friend who works there.
I have only heard good things about this restaurant.
The parking lot for this place is really small,but there is near by street parking and a parking ramp a couple blocks away.
There was a wait for the table but it was not long maybe 15 minutes.
I enjoyed people watching here, there is a wide variety of "types" of people hanging out in the bar and eating in the restaurant.
I love the feel to the place, it had a warm industrial feel to it, if that is even possible! Well, I know what I mean :)
I tried a new beer, it is called Fulton Lonely Blonde, How do these people come up with these names?!  I love it!

The hubbie had a Crispin Original Cider, that looked really thick!  Not my cup of tea but he likes his beer thick and dark!
Both beers made here in Minneapolis, MN.
Have you all ever made or ate caramel puffcorn?  You get the recipe on the back of the bag of puffcorn you get in the chip isle at the grocery store??
On their menu they have Caramel- BACON - Puffcorn! That sounds so good to me!  I'm going to create this in my kitchen soon.
But, instead hubbie wanted to try their homemade chips with Classic French Onion Dip, to DIE for!!!
Alright that might be a stretch, I'm not willing to die for this dip but, it's really good!
So good I created it at home and we love it.  It is not quite the same but, close.
 I shared that recipe with you all recently, French Onion Dip.

Alright now to the meal.  You know by now we love our burgers!  
We both wanted to try the Manhattan Burger, angus beef, bacon confit, gruyere cheese, arugula and a dried cherry red wine reduction on a pretzel bun!  Now my mouth is watering! 
I really liked this burger, the only thing I did not like was the bottom bun was soggy.  Ewwww I can't stand that.  So maybe it should not be made with that type of bun or possible mine sat a while before it was brought to me?  
I convinced the husband to try a different burger, and in his words "he has never met a burger he did not like", he had the Barcelona Burger, Angus beef, manchego, prosciutto, piquillo pepper & smoked aioli, also a winner.

All in all we would totally return to this place.

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