Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Uptown Cafeteria - UPDATE this is now closed!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

This past weekend some of my ladies brought me out to dinner for my birthday.
It was up to me where to go, my daughter has been telling me to check out Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group, so I thought we would check it out.
Now about the name, I really don't know what the story is with "support group" , on the web site they say that support groups meet at their bars so I'm guess it's not AA :)
There is much more to the restaurant then I was able to see that day due to the rain.
I hear they have a roof top area!
Always a plus in the summer!
You can get your meal served to you on an old cafeteria tray, how cute right?
The menu is not very large but everything we ordered was delicious.

Mom ordered

Here's the Grilled Cheese I ordered

For desert you get Cotton Candy if it's your Birthday, I had to share made us feel like kids!

I did not get pictures of the other dishes our table ordered.
And that would be HUGE Jalapeno Poppers, House Made Tortilla Chips with a trio of dips for starters.
Rosemary Roasted Garlic Chicken, that smelled amazing!
Finally the Turkey Burger.
Everyone really enjoyed their food and I am looking forward to go back here in the summer to check out the roof top!

*can you tell I got a new photo editor ;)

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