Thursday, February 12, 2015

Red Wing Brewery

Restaurant review time!

I have been to this Brewery twice now, it is named for the town that it resides in.  Red Wing Brewery in Red Wing Minnesota.

The first time I went here it was just hubbie and I after a SUPER long bike ride that I thought I would not live through!  That beer was the best beer I ever tasted!  You can buy growlers of their beer but not on Sunday (stupid MN).  So plan ahead people.
But, you can buy growlers of their Root Beer any day of the week :)

And that is what we did the second visit we had there, we brought home a growler of Root Beer for the little man.  He came with that trip and he lovesssssss root beer, he actually has a collection of root beer bottles in his bedroom.

Both times we went there we had their wonderful pizza.

The first time we had the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Delish!  If I remember correctly the chef is a pizza maker from NY.  I think that is what they told us, that was a few years ago now.

The second time we had the Meat Lovers Pizza, Wonderful!

Both times someone other than our server came over to make sure everything was to our liking, they are super helpful and friendly.

They are all super knowledgeable about the brews too.

Hope you plan a visit to Red Wing, MN!


  1. The Buffalo Chicken pizza looks amazing..the beer does too. Our kind of place for sure.

    1. It is well worth the drive for us, really good stuff!