Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Oh lord help me!  So many changes with my blog host and and I'm trying to start a Facebook page for the blog.
I feel like an old person I'm having so many issues with technology, ARGH (nothing against elderly, love ya) !!! Thinking I'll go over to my old pal Youtube watch some helpful videos.
Seriously what did we do before all this technology at our fingertips, all the answers so easily!

I have noticed lately that the views on my restaurant review are way more then my appetizer recipes.

Hummm I question why, totally not complaining just trying to figure it out.
Are you still there, just listening to me think out loud?

Ok talking about restaurant reviews, spring break is coming up I will be heading out of town for a few days, there will be some new restaurant reviews :)

I have so many recipes I'm working on and will get those out soon.

Let's see what else is new lots of changes in life around here besides the blog.  Family and neighbors moving.  My sons school is moving next year, pain in the butt because it's blocks away from where we live now.  Guess we can't be lucky all the time!

Wow this kinda sounds like a bitch fest.  Sorry friends just venting.   Deep breaths!

Positive thoughts, kids are all awesome, weather is great, I have an awesome husband.  And a wonderful life.  Ahh I feel better.

I feel like I need to throw a picture in here so here is a funky picture of a shop my Mom and I went to today.  Hunt and Gather 49th and Xerxes in Minneapolis, that shop is to much fun.  But, beware one wrong move you brake a million things!

Ok now another Pic, this one was taken this week in my neighborhood on my walk one morning.

Have you ever seen these before?  You put books in them and you can take, borrow or exchange them.  It is just in someones front yard.  
Yes it is the phone booth from Dr. Who.

Thanks for listening!  
Peace out! 

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