Friday, March 13, 2015

FireLake Grill House and Cocktail Bar

I did a review on this place at the end of last summer.  Marc and I went there for his birthday I believe.  We had a great time, beautiful establishment and a nice menu.
Perfect location for us too,close to home.
It is located in the Radisson Blu hotel that is attached to the Mall of America.  The mall I like to stay out of for many a reasons.  But I will frequent a couple times a year.
Anyhow thats not the point of my blog today is it! Just call me rambling Angie.
Back to the restaurant.  This time we visited we sat in the bar area that is located as soon as you walk in.  Very nice lots of seating, I really like the decor.  Its very dim you will see that in my photos.

We ordered the handcut chips and designer dips, that contained 2  dips, one seemed to be a seasoned sour cream sorta flavor and the next was a blue cheese dip.  Served with chips similar to kettle chips , very good and the price only $7.

Marc orded the bone marow (again) ewww... but he really likes that, this seems to be a trend right now you will notice it more and more on menus and cooking programs.  Not my cup of tea as I said in my last review.  But 2 thumbs up from hubbie.

I ordered the Bloomington Club, its a club sandwich with bacon and rotisserie chicken, severed with chips but I substituted for the broccolini, very good.

They serve several local beers and have a nice drink menu.

If your ever in the area I suggest stopping in!

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