Monday, March 9, 2015

Half Time Rec & Paddy Shack

I must be priming up for St. Patricks Day because we sure have been going out alot lately!
Now this place really brought me back in time!  I felt like I was 15 again!
Well kinda, not when I'm sitting next to a table of 25 year olds.
I read a review for this place recently and almost didn't believe what I read, that they had a chef in house and this was the place to be with amazing Irish food.
I used to go to this place back in the 80's it was a dive, but an awesomely fun dive!
It's an Irish bar/restaurant the bar's name is the Half Time Rec and the Restaurant side is named Paddy Shack.

This place is located in North St Paul , Minnesota.  They have bands, Irish bands at that!
I remember they even used to have Irish dancers, really fun to watch, remember that part in the Titanic movie where she was on her toes dancing?  Ya like that with alot of kicking and stiff arms.

The band was just tuning their instruments when were were there so we didn't catch the band that night.

I was odd in my music likings as a teenager I loved the Beatles and Irish music, totally not my era. I did like popular music from my time period too.  I always liked tagging along with my aunts to their evenings out at the bar.  SSHHH don't tell my Mom.

Alright back to the other day.

Hubbie and I split a burger we had the Paddy Shack Burger, oh boy that sauce on there had some kick!  Very good, the burger came with potato wedge fris.

We started off with Cauliflower Cheese with Rye Toast, this is a dip with toast cut into triangles.
Cauliflower is popular food trend right now, and I'm liking it!
This winter I started making a new cauliflower soup, to die for!  Ask me I'll share the recipe  with you :)

The Half Time Rec has lots more to offer besides food, music, booze and food.

You can play yard games like bocce ball (in the basement!) or volleyball.
Did someone say meat raffle?  Why yes they have that too!


  1. Angie, I can tell you and I would have a lot of fun together. My family and I LOVE to explore different places to eat. Usually if we are in a new city my husband finds the best ones..more than likely they are dumps, but the best kind:)

    1. I think we would have fun together! Dives are the best hangouts sometimes :) Thanks for reading! Ps now you have enough me going Mason jar crazy lol!