Tuesday, March 31, 2015

PF Changs

The other day my daughter and I had a date day, always a nice time :)
We picked PF Chang's for lunch I had not been there for 8ish years and she had never been there.
Really nice interior.

We were seated right away.
Our server was hilarious, joking around all the time and had lots of tips on the menu.
We started off with the pretty crab wontons, loved the micro greens on them.  They were fantastic.

They had a lunch menu, we both ordered off that.
You get to chose soup or salad.
I chose soup (egg drop) it was good, not my fav.

Sam chose salad, very plain but she liked the dressing.
For our main meal I got the beef with green onions and brown rice.  INSANELY salty! I could not even eat half of it.

My daughter had chicken with peppers and peanuts and a side of brown rice again, INSANELY salty!

I will never eat here again.
So afterwards we were going to continue our date.
But while driving there my daughter feels very ill.  And we had to end our date day :(
Thanks alot PF Changs.


  1. I'm not a fan of PF Changs either. I haven't gotten sick, but I feel there are other similar alternatives that offer larger servings and a better value. I won't be going back either.

    1. I feel sick just thinking about that meal, yuck!