Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Restaurant review time, actually this is a second review for this place.
Shamrocks and The Nook are sister restaurants, I have never been to The Nook.
Shamrocks has a great location, super fun atmosphere, the have bands, awesome people who go here and work here.
We always have gotten great service.  Usually there is a wait, but it's a big place so you don't wait to have to wait to long.
This Irish girl likes to go there for the appetizers and cold beers.
I am not a huge fan of the fris and burgers.  But I have to say I always get the same burger so maybe if I try something new???  DUH!
If you're curious what burger that is I order the Juicy Nookie, that is a cheese stuffed burger.
I'm not sure exactly what it is that I don't like but I think it is the texture of the beef when they form it to stuff with cheese that gets to me.

(that note on my burger basically says LAVA hot cheese beware don't be an idiot and bite right into it!)

The fris are floppy, best word I could come up with floppy.  Not soggy, floppy.
In the warmer months you can sit outside on the happenin 7th street in St. Paul, there is also eye candy for you ladies across the street at the huge fire station!  LOL
Last time we went there we ordered the jalapeno poppers, they were just to our liking stuffed with warm cream cheese and breaded.

We also tried some new beers to us, and both liked them.  You would have thought I could have taken note of the names of them right?!  Oppsie!  Hey I did get a picture of my beer!

Wait!  Hold your horse's I remembered I checked my beer in on Untappd a fun app for beer drinkers. The beer I had was Finnegans Irish Amber, very good!

The table we sat at was cool it had past photos of St. Patricks day under the glass, lots of fun to look at.

Both locations provide a free shuttle to and from Vikings and Wild, home games.

Speaking of Irish - St. Patricks Day is right around the corner, and Shamrocks will be having their annual St. Patrick's Day bash!  Actually they have a party on the 14th &  17th, what an awesome place to celebrate, but make sure to have a sober cab!

Overall review, good, we will be going back!

Here is my original review, I have been back there several time since I wrote this Shamrocks Review.

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