Thursday, April 2, 2015

Explore Duluth

Happy Spring Break!  We took a quick 3 day trip to Duluth, MN.
We have been there many times over the years.  A nice place to take a vacation, lots to do.
I got to experience a couple things I have never done before on this trip, it was pretty cool!

Duluth is on the shores of Lake Superior, the lake is freezing and goes forever as the eye can see. Just like I imagine the ocean would be (yes sad, sad Angie has never been to the ocean).

Duluth has a downtown area and a peninsula into Lake Superior.  The peninsula is my favorite area.

When we got into town it was lunch time, we skipped breakfast and were famished!
We checked out a place named Fitgers Brewhouse, Brewhouse and restaurant attached to it's hotel. Very old, pretty cool history located downtown Duluth.
Started out with the bacon cheese curds, very interesting, they were square!  Ok tasting, not our favorite.
Little man had a bowl of carrots, basically he munched on to much junk food on the drive there and I made him eat the carrots.
I ordered the Artichoke Dip Chicken Sandwich, very good!
Hubbie had a poutine burger, he has never had poutine, he was not really a fan.
But we would go back and try other items.

For our next adventure we visited a historic mansion named the Glensheen Mansion.  Just amazing. There are different levels of the tour you can purchase.  We went, with the cheapest package, about an hour tour.  Really fun.  Loved it.
You can take a flashlight tour on Friday and Saturday nights, rumor is the home is haunted!
If you're short on monies you can roam the grounds for free!

Both nights we were in Duluth we had dinner at the Canal Park Brewery, it was right next door to the hotel we were staying in, so super convenient! Service was excellent.  We enjoyed everything we ordered.  Beer was awesome, we tried beer flights to see what we liked the most.  Sunday night they had live music, it was so much fun!
Oh, there is a fire pit out on the back patio overlooking the lake, just perfect!

Another new adventure we experienced was the Great Lakes Aquarium, there are two levels to this building.  The upstairs level was my favorite more tropical fish, just beautiful.  This is really a family orientated place, so lots of little ones running around.  And be prepared it really smells like fish! 

The next day we visited another old brewpub, an Irish one at that!   Named Carmody Irish Pub.  
We were so lucky and got an impromptu tour of the brewing system in the basement by the master brewer!  Really cool, dude was super nice.  Nothing fancy at all it was just like the guy next door who was brewing in his basement !  

We did lots of walking along the shore line, finally nice enough to do that.  Walked out to a light house and watched a barge come in.  He blew his horn I just about had a heart attack!

Stopped into my favorite fish shop, you have to go if you're in town and if you're not, you can always order online!  Northern Waters Smokehaus.

So if you're ever planning a trip to Minnesota hope you can make it to Duluth!  


  1. It looks like you had a nice time, Angie! I live near Lake Erie and am always amazed by the Great Lakes.

    1. We did have a great time Andrea! I wish I lived on a lake it is so calming! Thanks for reading :)