Saturday, April 18, 2015


Friday night date night went to check out this new place in Minneapolis named Revival.
I have read a lot of good reviews about it.
So I was pretty excited to finally be going there.
Let me just say that I actually dreamt about how good the burger was!  I mean I like food and all but I usually do not dream about it, that is how good it was people!  
Pictures I have seen previous to coming here were basically their fried chicken.  But right before we went I heard they had a good burger.  Yes a burger, 1 burger.  And it is to die for!  

I can't wait to go back and have a whole one hahaha!  
What we did was order a 2 piece fried chicken and the burger and split it.
Fried chicken you can get southern fried (that we did) or Tennessee Hot, it was good, very moist but not my Grandmas :)  Who I may say is from the south.

Now did I say I liked the burger?  More like Loved the Revival Burger!
There are lots of sides to choose from we picked the collard greens, they were really good.  I don't think we have ever had them before.

So many wonderful southern sides to choose from it was a hard decision.  
To start with we had the fried green tomatoes with pickle sauce, the pickle sauce totally worked not overwhelming at all.  
But I like my fried green tomatoes better or should I say my friend Daryl's better who is from Tennessee. 

I'm kinda doing this review backwards! Appetizer last and now I'm going to tell you about the wait.
We were greeted by a very nice hostess telling us it will be over a 2 hour wait, good lord no but we put our name in and they text you when your table is ready.  
It is a pretty small place so we grabbed a couple beers and sat outside beautiful night for it.  
I saw a lot of people not wanting to wait and that is too bad because the wait was only 20 minutes!
Nice interior pretty simple, I like that, nice light from the huge window.  Tables were really nice.  Chairs though hummm....... do you have a bunch of supermodels eating here?  How's a person supposed to get their butt in that chair and be comfortable?  I'm hoping for a window seat next time its a bench.
Don't go thinking I have a big butt, it's a regular sized butt ! LOL!

Everyone who worked here were so great, so helpful and concerned about your visit.  Everyone pitched in, looks like a good place to work.  
There are 3 sauces that are on your table, house made.

Beer and wine selection is great.
I hope to see them do well and I can not wait to go back!  

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