Friday, May 22, 2015

Patty Wagon

Not the best night for going out last night I tell you what people, what a pain in the butt!
Our little man had karate so we were going to go grab a drink out.
Husband says lets try the Lyndale Smokehouse again, we had not been back since earlier this winter.  I say sure.  We get there, I have a bad feeling about this no one is in the restaurant and all the staff if hanging out at the front desk looking at their phones.
The loud bartender from our last visit finally notices us comes over asks, what we want.  I give her the "Really"?! Staredown, I mean seriously how rude!
Husband said we would like a table and are going to order a couple drinks, she said the hotel was sold and in the process of change over they currently do not have a liquor license.  Ok bye Felicia!!!

Not going back there again!
So on to the next place, a new restaurant opened called Patty Wagon right next to another burger joint we have frequented in the past.
Actually the story on the Patty Wagon is that for 24ish years they were a Mexican place and were not getting much business, also they say that there are far to many Mexican restaurants in the vicinity.  So they remodeled and became the Patty Wagon.
I question why a burger place when they are right next to another burger place that does well???
We get there walk in the doors are propped open, and it's hot in there no air conditioning, good thing it wasn't to hot outside.  Starting to get another bad vibe......
The server took our drink order and we decide to order food.  Ready for another drink I don't think we saw her for almost another 30 minutes,  Pretty poor service.
But the food was on point, really good.
Hubbie got the Four Alarm Burger, stuffed with pepper jack and jalapenos topped with the "danger sauce" with sweet potato tots

And I got the Speed Limit Breaker, charbroiled burger caramelized onion, bacon, chipotle mayo with a onion ring and cheese , hold the mushrooms with a waffle fries and seasoned sour cream

Would I come back?  Sure, but I might choose the neighboring burger place first.

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