Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Surly Brewery

Let's back step to Friday night date night.
We went back to Surly Brewery.  Thought we might get somewhere to sit this time because the first time we went they just opened and it was almost a 3 hour wait!
This place is huge!  They had the outdoor seating open now, really a nice place.
I'm not super hip to the farm table seating with a bunch of people you don't know but whatever I'm a pretty funny girl I got them all laughing the moment I sat down, my husband is just along for the ride ;) wink wink.
You get carded as you approach the door walk to the hostess and get a buzzer, only a 15 minute wait that turned into a 30 minute wait.
We walked over to the mammoth bar and ordered a couple beers and wandered around looking at all the distillery machinery.

Buzzer goes off we get seated in the middle (oh great) of that big farm table, speaking of farm tables I need one!
No need for an appetizer tonight, who am I??  No appetizer!?
If you follow me you know we love our burgers, I do believe there is only 1 burger on the menu and it is the, you guessed it The Surly Burger.  With fancy sauce, the girl next to me said was wonderful.
It comes medium well, that is perfect for me but not the hubbie he likes it to come out mooing.
It was a bit of a wait for the food and to get another beer but the place was super busy.
There are all walks of life there, you know some places you go have a certain crowd or a mixture of a couple types of people, this one has them all, I love to people watch!
Ok burgers come, I always start with the fries, I loved the fries just perfect and great seasoning.
The burger reminds me of a Big Mac, well what I remember because I have not had one of those in over 10 years.  But higher quality.

Double patty, special sauce mixed in with shredded lettuce and pickle. Lots of melted cheese.
A good burger, but pretty average.  Husband gave it a 5.5 out of 10.
If I had to rate I would have to agree but possible a 6.
I think this would be a cool place to bring out of town guests to.
You can also host parties upstairs a really nice room.
After the young couple left we scooted to the end of the table, another party of 4 men late 40's early 50's came, why am I telling you their ages I have no clue!  But they started off with a meat and cheese platter, it looked wonderful I will for sure be trying that when I go again.
The place is just really cool you have to check it out for yourself.  Lots of old abandoned building surrounding it and rock sculptures it's massive in size.
Hope you check them out!

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  1. I did not say anything about the beer in this post I just noticed! What the?! Silly me. The beer is FABULOUS! Every single one of them, the pepper spiced one they just made, crazy! You have to try!