Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Coming Soon!

Well I'm super pumped!  Garden is starting to grow, Cucumbers and green beans are climbing the ropes, yellow flowers are popping up on the tomato plants.  Speaking of starting to grow so are the weeds!!  We have gotten a lot of rain and the weeds love that, so this is what we do to keep them down.

This is not my photo just one I found off the internet.  What we do is pull the big weeds, lay down newspaper around the plants then a layer of compost.  Keeps the weeds out wonderfully!  

On another note I got to borrow my Grandmas recipe box, mostly sweets recipes, she keeps most of them in her head.  I scanned those and will be putting together a book of them, sort of a cookbook for the ladies in my family. That might take me a bit but I thought it would be really nice to have, Grandma is 90!

I'm getting super excited for my "Girls Week" vacation in just over a week!  I will be bringing along to share my Rosemary Cashews, we love to munch on them while having cocktails!

One last update, did you catch my last blog post where I did a haul at Trader Joe's? (thats where I buy the cashew's to make this!).

I'll give you a heads up to what's going to be my next blog post, Whole Foods party haul!  

Happy Summer to you all!

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