Friday, July 24, 2015

5-8 Club

I HATE saying bad things about people or restaurants, I never want to hurt anyones feelings.
Not like little old me will be driving business  away from any company.
Maybe it's my Minnesota nice :)

I have to say the last couple times I have been to the 5-8 Club in South Minneapolis, I have been a little disappointed in the food.
That pains me to say because for ages I have loved them!  It's a part of my Minneapolis background.
Minnesota is the home of the Jucy Lucy, that is a cheese filled hamburger, and they are wonderful!!!
There has been an ongoing battle between The 5-8 Club and Matt's they are two burger joints that claim to have the better Jucy Lucy, OH and people will definitely let you know who has the better burger!!!
But there are SO many wonderful burger places in the area now that serve these delicious burgers, I can no longer say that the 5-8 Club is my favorite.  Sorry 5-8 Club.
I ordered the original Lucy stuffed with American Cheese with sauteed onions, that comes with fries and coleslaw.  Not a fan of the fris, really dry.

But it looks really good, doesn't it!

Hubbie ordered a burger with a side of sweet potato fries, that he liked but the marshmallow dipping sauce - really strange.

BUT their fried mushrooms and blue cheese dipping sauce are  AWESOME!

I also like that you do not have to wait to be seated anymore, that line could go out the door, it was kinda uncomfortable lingering around people that are eating their meal.
Now it's 1st come 1st serve/seat yourself.
It's a cozy place, there is some outdoor seating.
The service is pretty good.
And people are always coming back for more, so they are doing something right.
This is just my little old opinion.

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