Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Come Hang Out In My Garden

So I am patiently waiting for this garden to grow!

I think my garden last year did better then this year, but what are you gonna do!?!
I have some varmints that stole some whole plants out the garden, they even made it past my 2 scarecrow sprinklers, darn them!

We did eat the radishes, they were very good but I learned that I need to plant more.
We have also been enjoying lettuce and green beans. 
I planted more then enough lettuce so every week my son and I cut back the lettuce wash every leaf, bag them up and bring them up to our local food shelf, so hopefully some family is enjoying it besides us :) 

More notes to self on those, plant a crispier lettuce next year and beans that grow up the vine.

So here are some not so good pictures of the garden.

It's sorta hard to see what I have in these photos.
So here is a list of what is growing in case you did not my last update post.
There were radishes
Green Beans
Bell Peppers
Banana Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers
Carrots (purple!)
Swiss Char
Lettuce Variety
Lots of Tomatoes!

I adore the gate my husband made me with the cut out heart, made with boards that helped build our house.

I'm loving the teal chairs that I found at a garage sale last year, a set of 4 I have placed throughout the property decoratively.
Along with the cute garden sign the kiddos gave me for Mothers Day, it flips and I can change the sayings.

Last but not least the old school Maytag washing machine that my friend gave me I turned into a planter, makes a nice addition to the look of the garden.

I am super excited for everything to grow so I can start canning and making other fresh dishes! Jalapeno and banana pepper poppers.  BLTs, fried green tomatoes, cucumber salad, sandwiches, tomato salad just to name a few!

When finished gardening, this is where you will find me!  Usually early evening floating with a beer and a magazine, awh the good life :)

Also a newer item in our yard is the bunnies "castle"!  If you follow me on social media I recently posted a picture of their barn.
What are the bunnies names you wonder?  
Mamas name is Olivia and the brothers are Loki and Thor (Thor is my man back off ladies!)  

As you can tell no cooking today, hope you enjoyed my little garden/yard update!