Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Burger

Alright, alright alright!  Finally this burger location opened!
I was stoked to hear that a My Burger was opening in my area.

I had only had a My Burger one other time at a burger competition this past summer, you can read about here Twin Cities Burger Battle.

 My Burger was my favorite burger at this event, super cheesey just what I love!

So my son and I, totally not even meal time, just stop into the new My Burger and decided to split a burger and onion rings.

We ordered the original My Burger with cheese, that would consist of mustard, ketchup, sweet pickles sauteed onions and cheese.
The onion rings were thin and crunchy.

I also noticed that they have a beer selection too!  Bonus!  But, at this visit the only beer that was drank was root beer.

The employees were helpful and friendly, the resturant was very clean, nice location for people watching, the walls are all windows overlooking the streets.

It is a little small, I can see this place being really busy.

Hope you get to try a My Burger!


  1. My Burger is very good! I haven't visited the Richfield location yet, but have been eagerly awaiting it's arrival. I frequent the skyway location for lunch.

    1. Nice you have one close to home now! Double the My Burger intake! ;)