Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pepperoncini Roll Ups

Pepperoncini Roll-up are just like my Minnesota Sushi recipe, except you replace the pickle with a zingy pepperoncini.
I brought these to Christmas one year and they were gobbled up very quickly!
The first time I was introduced to this pepper was in a box of Papa Johns pizza, I thought that was interesting that they put that in the pizza box, so I popped it in my mouth - woah spicy, I thought!
Guess I'm kinda wimpy, but if I add along cream cheese or some sort of dressing to cool it off, mellow the pepper out I could eat bunches of them!
I love watching You Tube videos, especially cooking ones.  Go figure, right!?! ;)
I had stumbled across an Italian woman making these, I believe she was making them for her Holiday get together also.  I thought that is just like the pickle roll-ups I have been making for years!
So I made them for Christmas and have made several time since then.
Wish I could remember that womans cooking channel name.

Ok so here you can find the pickle "Minnesota Sushi" roll-up
Follow that recipe but just replace the pickle with the pepperoncini.
The only thing different you need to do is cut off the stem from the pepper.

Again a really easy appetizer!

Hope you enjoy!

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