Sunday, September 13, 2015

Porter Creek

Restaurant review time!
Friday night date night was a double date this time with a long time friends.
We took an Uber cab so no one had to be sober driver (don't drink and drive kids!).  Uber is SO cheap people!
Hubbie and I have tried going to this restaurant a couple times but never stayed long enough to get in, it's a really popular place to go I guess!
Well clever me decided to see if they take reservations & what do you know they do!
It was a lovely evening so we sat outside near the beautiful stone fireplace.  And they do provide blankets if you get to cold.
Very nice area, we did not need the blankets.
The inside was also very nice, dimly lit sorata romantic :)
I did not get one single photo!  Silly me so sorry about that.
The beer list was limited.  They offer specialty drinks
This is a nicer place not my regular burger joint.
We started with the goat cheese balls and beets, I do not ever remember trying beets before, they were very good.  And if you all follow my blog you know that I love goat cheese!
Hubbie had the duck, he says it was good but a little tough for his liking.  He also ordered a cup of the chicken chowder, and so did the other couple.
I had the Fusilli with Applewood smoked Bacon and chicken, pasta was cooked very well and the chicken was very moist, but over all it was a watery dish.  I started with a side salad, with cranberries and candied nuts.
I think that my friend had the tenderloin and her husband a pasta dish but I tell you people the drinks were flowing I do not remember!
Waiter was really good we never had to wait for anything.

Over all great place I would go back and try another dish.  And for sure make a reservation!
So try out Porter Creek!

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