Thursday, October 29, 2015

Door County Eats

 Just got back from the majestic Door County, WI.!
It's been a tradition of ours for the last 4 falls to visit this amazing place and we plan to continue to take this annual trip for years to come.
There are a few major vacation spots in WI. (that we have been to) Hudson, Lake Geneva, Bayfield, WI Dells, Milwaukee.  I would definitely say that Door County is the best out of all all these places and I have visited all of them several times.
Door county is a peninsula off upper WI. it is town after town filled with wonderful shops, restaurants and things to do. We drive all day taking in the absolutely breathtaking views, stopping in to fun shops and picking new places to grab a bite to eat.
So here is a little bit about the places we stopped at this last trip.

My favorite place to get a quick bite is in Ellison Bay, way at the tip of the peninsula.  The Shoreline Restaurant, they have the best smoked whitefish dip!!!

Now let's talk cheese. I mean we are in Wisconsin!  And it's me we are talking about, I love cheese!
We have to stop at Wisconsin Cheese Masters, their cheese is amazing.  You get in line and  get a few samples of the wonderful cheeses they are showcasing that day.  This visit I picked up cheese from Saxon Creamery, Winter Seasonal Milk Cheese, Butterkase Style, it is amazing & just melts in your mouth!! Also, bonus there is a wine shop right next door, free tastings!  

One more cheese shop!  Door County Creamery.  It is a wonderful little shop with gifts, tasty cheeses and a little deli. Located in Sister Bay.

Speaking of Sister Bay, the best burger is made at Husby's Food And Spirits.  I did a review in them a couple years ago, and the burgers are still great!

Let's take a break from the food for a minute to take in some DC beauty.

There is a gorgeous horse farm among rolling acres that is just breathtaking.

Or how about this sight.  It was a rainy day and that just made the trees colors pop.

Ok back to the grub.  There is an Irish pub in Sturgeon Bay named Kitty O'Reilly's, great food and drinks.  This visit we got the Loaded Tachos, so good!  

One day we stopped for a cup of soup at a place named Coyote Roadhouse, we almost passed by this place it looked like a home.  It was a really happenin' little place, very busy.  Looked like a fun place to hang out.  But we were not there very long.

This is a bowl (tortilla) of chilli, very good.

There are tons of wineries and little shops that do wine tasting.  Also a distillery in Door County.  
But finally a brewery! Door County Brewing Co. Hubbie grabbed a growler of beer from them, at that point of the day that we stopped there, it was a little to early for the drinking for us.  But people were having a pretty good time.  I really liked the interior.  It was a little on the small side.  I can't imagine what an evening there would be like.  Oh and the funny thing is, the connecting parking lot is the cop shop.

There is just so much to do & see.  Everytown has it's only little vibe, tons of shops, wineries, places to eat, coffee shops and more.
The views are amazing.
This coming summer I hope to come back to visit the lavender fields on Washington Island, you have to take a ferry to get there.
Door County always has some sort of festival going on, never a dull moment.
I could go on and on telling you about festivals we have been to and other places we ate or had a drink, but you just need to trust me and put Door County on your lists of places to vacation you will not be sorry.

Needless to say we will be back Door County!


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