Monday, October 19, 2015

Restaurant Review Updates

(Door County, WI.)

I'm in a rut lately with restaurant reviews people!  Believe me I'd like to do a write up on places we eat but they are just not worth the time or it's that we keeping visiting with same places we love, I mean how many times can I write about the same place 2,3,4 times?!
No I can't do that.
So hopefully we will venture out to some new places.
In the meantime I will give you a little recap on some date nights

I will start with the most hysterical evening (well at least for me).
I said to the hubbie lets go somewhere different, I wanted to check out this place called George and the Dragon in Minneapolis or is it Edina?  humm...
Well anyhow the wait was 4 hours!  Nope, better plan ahead when I want to go there.
Hubbie says lets try David Fongs, we never go out for Chinese.  I was pretty shocked that my burger addicted husband wanted Chinese and especially from a dive.  LOL
It's been around a long time maybe the 50's, pretty popular with the elderly in the area, I felt like I was at a nursing home having dinner haha and I know how that feels cause I used to work at one!
No offence elderly people, I love you!
I have not been here to eat in at least 9 years because the last time we went there the elderly woman next to us was choking, no one was doing anything.  So I stepped in and gave her the heimlich maneuver.  I have never done this to a person before just practiced on a dumbie.  I was so shocked I ran out of there! Well after I finished saving her life and was applauded by everyone there.
I know what a strange reaction I had right!?
Now you know me better!
Ok back to the food, we started with cream cheese puffs, really dry and egg rolls very good!
I ordered vegetable lo-mein and rice, very dry.
And what did hubbie order at the Chinese restaurant!?  A BURGER! HAHAHA!  It looked so bad but he said it was good.  Go figure.

Other places we have been recently Blue Door Pub, always good!  They gave us a free basket of fried pickles, and I won a super rockin' t-shirt!
Sports Page our local dive with dirt cheap food that tastes great.

That's about it.
It is restaurant week in the Twin Cities this week, but we will not be going out, because we are headed out of town for a fews days to the gorgeous Door County, WI!
The colors will be amazing, I'm sure I will have some places to write about from our visit!

Have a great day!

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