Friday, October 2, 2015

Sports Page

I have learned that sometimes a dive has the best food around!  
And that is what we have here at a little hole in the wall, in a tacky little strip mall sits Sports Page.
They have been around for a long time, changed owners, chefs and remodeled.  
Right now they have a real good thing going on.
The remodeled section is our favorite spot to hang out, in the warm months they have a garage door that opens to let fresh air in.
The servers are really good and friendly, they know us pretty well so well that we wouldn't have to order they know exactly what we want.
If we bring the little man with us he always wants to get the cheese curds, they are good!  Oh and a root beer or 2.
Us on the other hand love the jalapeno poppers with blue cheese for dipping.  (salivating thinking about them!)
Hubbie likes the mushroom cheese burger with a side of jalapenos, that comes with fries and those fries are perfect!
I like to get the grilled cheese and sometimes Ill add grilled onions to that.  It's amazing!  And get this!!  It is under $4!!!!  I am not kidding you!
Such a cheap date night.
They usually only carry 1 IPA that's what the hubbie likes.  But, only over on the new addition side.
There are a couple of pool tables, I believe a dart board, a couple video games and one of those games that you use the claw to get the stuffed animal.
And people Love the buy pull tabs here!  Maybe I should try buying a few one of these days I mean someones gotta win right?!
Wednesday night they have trivia and Thursdays is karaoke, we usually have to leave before that starts but I bet it's fun!
People watching is pretty good here too :)

So hope to see you up at "The Page" sometime!!

*photo above I borrowed from Yelp 

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