Monday, November 16, 2015

Indeed Brewing Company

Friday night date night was spent at Indeed Brewing Company.
I'll start by saying I did not get any photos, I was a bit frazzled this date night.
On our drive in the Uber car, almost to the location about 20 minutes from home. We get a calling say our home may have been broken into.  We have the police go to the home and thank God the coast was clear it was not broke into.
Then we get there and we heard about the horrible events that happened in Paris.  My heart goes out to them all.
So I would like to revisit & do another write up on this rockin' brewery.
It was pretty dark out so I could not take in the beauty of this building, I do believe it was brick, I like brick :)  And there was a nice patio outside.
There were 2 rooms to choose from to park your booty and enjoy one of their wonderful beers.
Very nice interior & ladies you know you we enjoy a nice restroom.  Love this bathroom, I want it in my house!
All the employees were so nice & helpful!  If they saw that you had an empty beer they were there in a flash to clear your empty mug away.
That evening the O'Cheeze food truck was there, they had maybe 5'ish gourmet grilled cheeses to choose from.

(photo taken by husband, added after I wrote this blog post :)

They switch up what food truck comes to visit. That is in the back by the patio.
The beers were very good!
You can have private parties and also get a tour of the brewery.
Can't wait to go back !

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