Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Iron Door Pub

Friday night date night, we went Uptown.  We don't do that to much anymore, I think the last time we did was at the late Boneyard, that has now closed.  Not to sure why, because that place was always hoppin' , food was great and the atmosphere was a ton of fun.  They even had valet parking.  Alright Ill stop dwelling on that.
Also another fun find that is now closed was The Cafeteria, I had only been there once but it was good stuff.
On to The Iron Door Pub, I found on Twitter a list The Growler put out Kind-Of-A-Big-Deal list, on hot spots in the Twin Cities.  Well really Minnesota.  That list contains awesome Beer, Spirits, Food & Culture. 
On that list was The Iron Door Pub.  This is on the corner of Lake Street & Lyndale, awesome location, tons of windows to watch all the busy happenings on the busy streets.
Total bonus, they have their own parking lot in the back, not super big but we got a spot.
Our server was totally on the ball, super attentive and funny as heck.  I got a skunky beer and he took that back with no problem and exchanged it at no extra cost. I love when there is no hassle. 
A large variety of local brews here, that is always a good thing!
There is a dart board and I think some games but I'm not positive about that. 
It was not very busy when we were there, around 7:30 on a Friday night, but that could just be because there are so many choices of places to eat in that area.
Husband wanted an appetizer, I told him he could choose.  I think that shocked him because I am the self proclaimed queen of appetizers. 
He picked the Warm Butter Nuts, I was like really, all those choices and that is what you pick?!? 
Well I did tell him, that he could decide. 
And if I go back over all of my restaurant reviews I think this has happened before.  You would have thought I learned my lesson.
But, to my surprise the Warm Buttered Nuts were really good!  We couldn't stop munching on them.  Really quite simple, a variety of nuts warmed up on a skillet in butter!  And those puppies stayed warm! 

Ok on to the grub.  the picture the Growler Magazine used to advertise this location was a Philly Cheese Steak, so that is what I had my mind set on.  I believe you get a chose of tator tots, fris or potato salad.
I picked fries.  The sandwich was huge!  Gotta say not my favorite, not to be gross but my first bite was very fatty, I could not chew it.  So hubbie loves leftovers!  Ya I didn't eat that :(  But I did love those nuts!

Husband got a huge burger, The Burger Royal', you know like in the movie, Pulp Fiction! 
Very clever!  Really a copy Cat version of The Big Mac. He choice tator tots.

I mean seriously that burger was BIG!  And he ate every last bite.  He said it was amazing.
The prices were good too.
I would for sure go back here, I'd just try something different.

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