Monday, January 11, 2016

Cedar + Stone, Urban Table

Oh la la time to put on your fancy pants for this one people.  Get your pinky out and your wallets!
Friday night date night was at the new JW Marriott at the Mall of America.

Now, the website says casual and we even sat in the lounge area by the fireplace, but I felt a little underdressed. Especially the husband, I TOLD you to change your shoes!  Maybe next time you will listen to me, you know I'm always right :) GOSH!
It was a pretty quiet night out, I think that was due to the cold weather.  The parking lot was full so we did valet parking at the hotel.
They are well staffed at this hotel, the minute you walk in you are stormed by employees holding doors, asking how you are, if you're checking in, if you're eating, arghhh give me a little space please!
We decided to sit in the lounge area by the fireplace, one of those hot fire stone fires, or whatever you call it.
The server was a little to helpful, I felt as though he was watching my every chew, he even walked me to the restroom!  What the heck!?! I just wanted to know where it was dude, awkward!
Also he was trying to talk to us about beer, but he had no clue what he was talking about, it was pretty comical.
The menu was small but that is ok, I understand when you make some foods well, why have a menu with tons of items.
They did tell us about some items on the lunch menu if we were interested.

We ended up choosing to share a few things, the kale & chicken flatbread.  It was presented very nice but I found it to be dry and I do not care for dark meat, it was all dark meat chicken.

We also got a side order of the mac and cheese, that was amazing!  Lastley the slider, appetizer that came with a little cup of french fries, that too was very good.

We both had 2 beers, our bill was over $100!  Then valet & a tips, what a spendy evening that was.
The hardest part of the evening was sitting next to the table of Seattle Seahawk fans, while biting my tongue trying not to get into their conversation.
It was a very beautiful hotel & lounge.

Thats that.  The end.  I have no more to say. Good Bye.

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