Monday, January 25, 2016

France 44

What a fun Saturday today was!  It was perfect (so far).  I love getting up on Saturday grab some coffee head out the farmer's market, there is no shortage of them here.  Even in the winter months you can find a handful of them.
In the summer, oh nelly I may hit 3 of them up!
Ok this blog post is not about farmers markets it is about this amazing cheese shop, France 44!
I only rambled about the farmers market because we went there 1st today.

They have 3 locations, I believe one is in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Edina.
Edina is the one we went to today. First off I love that they have their own lot.  I hate parking on the street, I don't know why maybe cause I can barely parallel park a honking suv.
What a great shop, I love cheese!  But not only do they have cheese, there are prepared food items, meats, sandwiches, olives, breads, beer, wine.  Just to name a few.

Everyone there was so helpful and friendly.
We sampled some amazing cheese.  Ended up buying some wonderful goat cheese.  It was hard to hold back and not buy everything!

Hubbie ordered the surprise sandwich & I got the prosciutto, fig and greens sandwich.

WOW, they were SO good.  I can not wait to go back and try out some new items.
They have a cheese of a month delivery, get some cheese sent right to your door step !

They were so nice I got a free sandwich coin, maybe I will have to check out the St. Paul shop.
I told them I was their Instagram stalker that is what brought me in, hope I didn't scare them off, I'm really not a stalker I just enjoy drooling over their photos!
There is a cute little area to eat your sandwiches, grab a beer or a glass of wine, pick on of the cute cheese related books off the wall and relax.

I spotted a few cute little journals they would like to you sign, draw a picture just to share with them and others to read, made me smile.
So stop in grab a cheese plate and a glass of wine, watch the. hustle and bustle of the streets and kickback and eat some good cheese.

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