Friday, January 1, 2016


I wanted to do a repost on Revival, I may have been a little harsh on them my first review.
We have visited Revival time and time again, and everytime the food impresses us, it is down right good eats!
Totally worth the wait, and trust me I know, we have actually waited up to 2 hours to get a table, but you know what?
That means that people are there, it's busy because they want that good food!  So you need to be patient, you will be happy that you stayed.
The chicken is perfectly crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, just like it should be.

The burger, I am at a loss for words on this burger, it seriously melts in your mouth. And you get an instant grin on your face.

The sides are so fresh and full of flavor.  My favorite being the collard greens.

The pies, good Lord, the pies.   I could be full to the brim, but managed to eat a couple bites of a slice of pie.  Banana cream anyone?
Oh and these are the johnny cake appetizer, AMAZING!

There are so many things we have not tried yet and they keep creating new items, I hear they have a new pimento stuffed juicy lucy.
I love this place, they are the talk of the town and the people who run it are fantastic, they seriously take care of you and want your experience to be a good one.
I hope you all get a chance to get over to Revival, it will be one of the best decisions you make!

Here is a video of a couple of the owners/chef of Revival, reading ridiculous reviews.  Makes me giggle :) They seem like really great guys.      Video Link.

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