Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Uptown Lowry

What a great date night place! The Uptown Lowry.
I heard this was a hoppin spot, so I looked into making reservations first.  They do take reservations for parties of 8 or more.
But, you can give them your name and phone number and that puts you on the waitlist.
We love oysters and they have oysters, the Blue Point Oysters are insanely huge!

I had only ever had raw oysters, unless it was in a stew.
Lowry also had baked oysters, we chose horseradish-mustard baked oysters.  They are now my new favorite!

This date night we totally went all out and ordered so much food, just because we wanted to try so many things. It was awesome!
Next we had the beet salad, very good.  It was arugula, oranges, red and golden beets.

Followed up by the Buffalo Chips, potato chips smothered with pulled chicken in a buffalo sauce and chunky blue cheese dressing. Pretty good , a little salty for my liking.

Fish tacos anyone!?  Yes please, they were perfect!  Blackened Tilapia YUM! We split an order.

Alright we never order dessert, but what the heck at this point we are going to need wheelbarrows to get out of this place.
Chocolate cake with a fudge sauce poured over the top.  So delectable.

The beer choices were great.
They are also known for their whiskey.
The atmosphere was warm and friendly, very hip vibe going on there.
You're greeted by a beautiful warm fire, which is very nice when it's freezing outside.

Hope you check them out!

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