Sunday, April 17, 2016


Friday night date night!
I have a list of restaurants, sortof a bucket list :)  of restaurants I want to go to & let me tell you that is a pretty good sized list.
I had to start a list because there are so many places I want to go, and new places keep popping up!
What we tend to do is keep going to the same places that we love and can rely on being good.  That is not a bad thing, it's just variety is the spice of life right!?!
Like I say happy wife happy life!  (ok I'm not the only one saying that, I know :)

We had such excellent service at Nighthawks, and we were seated right away.
I thought it was going to be smaller than it was, so that was a nice surprise.
Great seating selections all over, we were seated across the way from the dinner bar & kitchen. (the lights under the bar change colors, so pretty & there are phone changers, next to the purse hooks).
Yes you can watch the chefs scurry around working hard at making your delicious food!
Not to sore on the eye if ya know what I mean ;)  hubba hubba :)

If you have been following along on some of my dinner adventures, you should know that I love to people watch :)
There are some pretty interesting people coming here, you have a large variety.  From your jocks, bikers, hippies, families, older people just about every walk of man :)  I love variety!
I know I'm easily pleased and a total dork.

We went to town on this menu!  It was not a huge menu, but I liked that.
Good beer selection, sorry my boozy drinkers I rarely look at the menu but they do have one, and I'm sure it is excellent.

I wish I could tell you our servers name, but we did not catch it.  Younger guy short light brown hair.  Whatever your name is good job sir!

Ok on to the food.
 Hubby picked out the appetizer and choose liver pate, wow what presentation, very tasty too.

Dinner - I had the Galaxy Dog, that was one long hot dog!!!!  It was loaded with chili, cheese and topped with Fritos!  Crazy fun!

Hubby had the single Nighthawk burger with potato salad.

We split theses items so we could try it all out, I thought their burger was very similar to Revivals burger, very good!  You can also get the burger with 2 patties but we did the single.

With the meals we added the blue cheese french fries, OMG I could have just had that seriously good!

I had the Bloder IPA on Nitro, excellent.
Husband tried a couple beers & then we got a sample of PBR - Pickled.  Yes you read that right, they pickled your old school PBR, I could hardly tell but they could.
Also there was a beer that at first you tasted citrus then 5 seconds later it was a spice that hit you, very original!

They are next door to Five Watt Coffee, I have heard good things about this place too.  Also a butcher shop, think they get their meat from them but don't hold me to that, I think I remember reading that somewhere.

I will forsure come back here, after I scratch some of these other places off my list!

Check them out!  Thanks for an excellent night Nighthawks!

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