Saturday, April 9, 2016


I have been meaning to try and make sushi forever now.
One Christmas I put together a basket of fun things to make sushi with, for my daughter, I don't think she has ever used it, maybe I just really wanted it but, gave it to her :)

In my 20's I used to hit up all the fancy uptown & downtown sushi place and had a blast, and developed a huge love for the stuff.
And I tried some crazy sushi!
I've always shied away from wasabi but I love it now!
I kept these sushi rolls pretty simple and vegetarian style.

When thinking about making sushi I did my research, watched a couple YouTube videos.
Read a couple blog tutorials on how to make sushi.
A tip to making sushi if you do not have a sushi mat, use a towel lined with plastic wrap.
Or like me, I had a "bamboo" place mat!  Bam, just like a sushi mat!
I did not even think to look for sushi rice, not sure where my head was :)  But, I picked up some good old reliable instant white rice.
You can find the seaweed and wasabi (if you're brave enough) in the Asian section of your grocery store.  Unlike egg roll wrappers or wonton wraps they are kept in the produce area, because they are kept chilled.  Just a little fyi for ya all.

What you are going to need (but use what you like, this is just what I used today):
Seaweed wrappers (10 came in my pack, but I only used 7)
4 Cups White Rice
Red Pepper
Cream Cheese

For the rice
* 3 Tablespoons rice vinegar
   2 Teaspoons white sugar
   a dash of salt

*wasabi and soy sauce for dipping

How to make them:
Get that rice cooking, fluff it with a fork add in the rice vinegar, sugar and salt and set aside.

Juliane your vegetables
Have a bowl of water near you to dip your fingers into when handling the rice, cause it gets sticky!
Lay your sushi mat out, on top of that lay your seaweed sheet, rough side up.
Also there are lines on your wrap have those pointing towards you, but not necessary.
The lines are for where to cut, but after rolling them up I could not see the lines.
Dip your fingers in the water bowl grab some rice lay that out on top of your seaweed wrap, pressing it down and spreading it out as evenly as you can get it but leaving a inch space at the end, right in front of you.
Lay out your vegetables, widthwise.

Mix and match  your sushi rolls.
Roll them up nice and tight, using the mat to guide it along, using your thumbs to roll.

You will get the hang of it.  After making 7 of these, I seemed to not be able to get that motion out of my system, I picked up my cream cheese wrapper and started rolling it.  What a dork.
I wonder if that is how sushi chefs feel at the end of the day.
Folding laundry at home, they roll up their towels like a sushi roll. LOL!
Cut up into 2 inch rolls.

And you are ready to eat!

Hope you had fun!


  1. It looks so tasty. I'll make my own version.

    1. Thanks Richard! That's the fun thing about sushi you can play around with it & totally make it your own, by putting what you like to eat in it :)

  2. The difficult part of this, is that the rice mixture does not spread very easily onto the nori. The rice ends up uneven or tears the nori wrap sushi maker

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  5. Nice work..the Sushi looks not bad at all. I usually visit Ichi Tokyo - one of best Japanese restaurant in Rochester, MN for Sushi and sashimi. Your blog is interesting...keep working hard on that.