Thursday, April 14, 2016

Willy McCoy's

New place alert whoot, whoot!  Hey when my lame town of Bloomington gets a new place, EVERYONE goes.
We do not have to much that is not a chain here, we need to visit other suburbs.
Willy McCoys is a chain unfortunately.
Like when American & Penn was opening everyone was on pins and needles there was talk of a new restaurant going into this cool new area, and what do we get Red Robin.  LAME!!!!
Ok I mean we do have the Mall of America, but really who goes here?  Tourists and teens.
We can't even get a brewery because of silly liquor laws in our city.  Come on Bloomington, everyone else gets one but us!?
I have actually been to Willy McCoys 3 times now, just because its close, a week night that is what we look for, if we eat out of the home.
And my awesome server/bartender over at The Sports Page gave us a gift certificate to there cause shes to sweet to us :)
My daughter, another server said maybe she's giving you guys a hint. HAHA!  Jerk - KIDDING!!!!
Ok back to Willy McCoy's, I'm would rename it Willy and WAIT.
Cause that's what you do, no matter if it's the weekend or a weeknight up to an hour wait, ridiculous.
But maybe when the rooftop opens you don't have to wait so long, but I don't know if they will be serving food up there?
Beer selection is on point, lots to choose from. 2 for 1 everyday!

Menu is pretty decent.
I have had a burger and a wrap here both time with waffle fries and seasoned sour cream.  Real good.

My son had a flat bread he was not a fan.  But, he got the pickle fries the last time & we shared them, real good, not big spears or coins.  Just a nice thin slice, so they get nice and crispy!  He wants me to try making them that way at home, he also what's me to buy a deep fat fryer! HA, No not gonna happen.

Husband a burger, some sort of jalapeno burger, every time, he likes everything so yes he liked this.

We have always have had good service.
I would say the only down fall is the ridiculous wait.

So maybe check them out?!!??

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