Sunday, May 1, 2016

Best of the Twin Cities Event 2016

Hit up The Best of the Twin Cities event, got some VIP tickets!
We went to this event back in 2014 & had a blast.  
It wasn't as great as that event but it was entertaining for a bit.  Ya can you hear my enthusiasm?  Nope.  We even left early.  Bummer :(
Ok so VIP your paying twice as much for your tickets, you expect something great right?
Entering in was a great process there was good directions until the lady that told us the bar was upstairs, well there was a bar upstairs but was not going to be open for another hour.

Alright back down the stairs, find the 1 bar that was open for all the people who payed $$ for VIP and we waited and waited for a drink.  There were only 4 food booths open with samples for VIP.  

There was much, much more  a couple years ago.
DJ was rockin' it though!  Loved her!
The red carpet people didn't seem to want to be there.  You had to go up to them to ask to have your photo taken.

We wandered for a bit checking out the booths, there seemed to be more of those this year.  
Got a couple freebies, kinda like going to the state fair.
Alright somehow an hour passed, more people came, a few more bars opened.

A few more food booths opened.
And hold on to you pants, do you know how much a can of beer cost?!  $10!!!!!  
Ya I switched to water.
DJ was done then the next entertainer started her music was very beautiful, but really brought down the whole mood unfortunately.

I think my favorite part was people watching.
OH also the oysters by Sea Salt Eatery and the Spam Musubi sandwiches, who I don't even know who made them!  OHHH YUM!

I just looked at the photos they published online today seems as though there was more entertainment after we left :(
No one was even dancing the whole 2.25 hours we were there.  Ridiculous. I was table dancing :)  well mostly because vip was upstairs, dancefloor was downstairs.
The VIP Swag bag - they should have called it the VIP Lame bag!  
We left early, we were super bummed out.
Had one of the worst uber drivers on the way home too!  Thank God we are still alive!  
I don't think we will be going back to any of those events :(

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