Monday, May 16, 2016

George & The Dragon

I'll admit it, not much cooking going on around here lately.
Sorry your going to have to wait awhile for some new appetizer recipes, now I have no shortage of ideas.  I have lists going on new apps to make, that you are going to love!
It's gardening season and the month of Mom we call it around here!
The month of Mom consists of Mother's Day, then my bday then my anniversary - this year's anniversary is our 15th!  How did that happen!?  And 18 together.  Oh and forget it I'm not telling you how old I am :)
Ok enough rambling onto George & The Dragon, first off what a cool name for a restaurant!
I mentioned this place to my husband once and he has not let me forget that we had not been there yet.
Honestly I was a bit turned off by hearing they are a british restaurant, well at least that is what I read somewhere, I am glad that did not keep me from going here.
The place is in a nice little neighborhood, it's a pretty hoppin place so you may have to wait.  We did call ahead of time to see how long the wait was so we got right in.
But if you do end up waiting, there are a couple little shops right there you could pop into.
George & The Dragon had a great beer list.

Our server was so friendly and totally on her game, we did not have to wait long for anything and we did not sit with an empty glass for long either.
It was my bday so I picked the appetizer - I chose the onion bacon dip served with toasted bread - OMG I could have just ate it all myself!

We each had a burger with fries - I know, what else would we get, so predictable!
I had the George Burger, aged Widmer cheddar, with mustard cream & frizzled leeks.
Hubbie had the Beef Rib Toastie, Loaded with caramelized onions, same cheese as mine, arugula and a horseradish cream.

Everything was perfect, can't wait to go back! 

* Try the fried green beans, they looked great - I'm going to ! 

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