Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nacho Mamas

Do you not love the name of the place?!  Nacho Mama's!
Downtown Stillwater, MN.  Seriously good food, monster proportions, and on the cheap people, you need to get there!
You also NEED to order the street corn, OMG good!  Everytime I go here that is a have to order item, just delicious.

Trying to be a good, we thought we would split a meal, well that didn't work.
The food looked so wonderful we could not agree on anything and had to get our own dishes.
I went with the tacos, you get 3 and that comes with rice and beans.  It was SO good! But way too much food for me.

Hubbie ordered the chimichanga.  He gobbled that right up & it look wonderful!

Last time we came here we sat inside, really fun place.  Very colorful.  The servers are really nice and on their game.
This visit we sat out back on their patio, there is a nice little fountain back there and you can watch the happenings on the street.
I really liked sitting on the patio, but unfortunately this visit it seemed to be bring your toddler and baby day, those little stinkers were splashing in that fountain and climbing it, I think all their parents were sauced on margaritis, I got splashed several times.
Oh well I lived :)

When your in Stillwater - totally put this on your list of places to stop by, hey by them I bet they will be done with the expansion!

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