Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Domo Gastro and More!

Friday night is usually date night but this weekend we switched it up for Sunday night.  Places were way quieter, no waits.  So it has it's good points. But I do love people watching so I don't mind busy nights.
First a little antique shopping at my favorite shop, Hunt and Gather, I'm looking for the perfect table for my garden.  Didn't find it that day.
I told hubbie to pick a brewery we have not been to yet, in the area of the restaurant we were going to check out that night.  
He choice Dangerous Man Brewery, he has never heard of them before, I was shocked that I had he didn't.  Well shocked might be a strong choice of words :)

OMG I had the best beer ever there!  Peanut Butter Stout on Nitro, if you like peanut butter you need to get there & have this beer!

Really nice interior at Dangerous Man.  Thumbs up by us!
For dinner, all my foodie friends have already been here teasing me with the excellent food photos.
Domo Gastro, was on my longgggg list of places to check out.
When we got there I didn't think they were open, it was totally empty.  Needless to say we got above and beyond service!  Even the owner came out to meet us and chat a bit what nice people.  
The menu was not very large so that made the decision a bit easier what to get, even thought we wanted to get everything!  
We started off with ordering 2 pork buns, $3 each - what a deal!  I have never had one before but, drool over them in photos all the time.  They did not disappoint!

Also as a starter we got a half order of kimchi fries, insanely good!

You know we are burger people, I am more open minded then the husband, so I was very happy that he was loving the food!  
Main dishes, I ordered the Korean Beef rice bowl, very good and pretty to look at with all the beautiful colors, way to much food for me.  I ate about 1/2 the bowl husband finished it off, he's a big eater.

And he ordered a bowl of the spicy ramen, also very lovely to the eye.

I was full but I really wanted to try out the egg rolls, you get about 8 mini ones we ate a few and brought the rest home.

The prices here are very affordable.  I wish them best of luck, I hope they stay busy, they are a newer restaurant.

We rolled ourselves out of there and popped into another brewery, Fair State Brew.  

Very interesting location.  They have a bar, a yard and a shop all with in a couple of shops, on the block.  I really enjoyed the interior.  
I wish I could say the same about the beer, the hubbie ordered me was a smoked beer.  Not for me! 
That's it, date night was over.  Full bellies make for a sleepy couple!

But please go check out Domo Gastro, you won't be disappointed.  Let's keep them busy!

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