Thursday, July 28, 2016

Garden Update 2016

I have to say - I am in love with my garden this year!
I came up with the design this past winter, and with the help of my husband and sons building it. It became a reality!
Hey and I even planted my flower bulbs the right side up this year - yahoo!!! haha...... You would not think that was a hard thing to do but I do manage to screw that up.


This year I'm doing a little experimenting on trying out different veggies, I may plant again next year or I may not.

But I will for sure be plating the yellow pear tomatoes again next year, they are SO good!!!!
I have been making bruschetta with them.  Great flavor!

Having these raised garden beds make weeding so much easier, thank GOD!  I hate weeding!  Does anyone like it?

I did a little canning yesterday, I made some refrigerator pickles and dilled some string beans, these string beans are so beautiful, a vibrant shade of purple!

Over this past year I have accumulated a ton of new canning recipes and have a few new canning books in my possession, I'm excited to try out.

Are you ready for this LONG list of what Angie planted this year?  Hey if you have any great appetizer ideas for any of these veggies - pass it my way, I'm always looking for new things to try!
3 types of tomatoes (or is it 4?)
swiss chard
green bell peppers
banana peppers
jalapeno peppers
purple string beans
winter squash
spaghetti squash
lettuce variety
brussel sprouts

Gladiolus - SO pretty!

basil (way to much)

I know I over did it, again!

* also I totally made a new appetizer out of one of my new canning cook books the other day, do you think I took a photo of it?!  I'm slacking people.  It was a bean dip, yummmmm......


  1. Awesome garden!!!

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