Friday, September 9, 2016

Bloggers I follow

Food Food Food - Keeps us going right!?
People are just so creative and talented, there are just so many awesome food bloggers out there!
Not only can they cook, but most of them take their own awesome photos!
I am just blown away by some of them and I thought I would share some of my favorites, I'm sure I am leaving some out, but I just follow so many!
I pray to God that you can not gain weight by looking at food pictures!

Foodie With Family - Rebecca is an amazing mother with so many other talents besides cooking!  She finds time to do all of this amazing cooking, while homeschooling all of her boys, bringing them to their various classes, taking amazing photos and just wrote a kick butt canning cookbook (that I just had to buy)!  You can follow her blog, follow her on Instagram & Facebook.
Foodie With Family.

Grilled Cheese Social - Girl you got me at CHEESE!  I found MacKenzie on Instagram, good Lord her sandwiches are to die for!  And she pretty damn funny.  

Dennis The Prescott - My neighboring friend in Canada, this man can cook people!  He has a great story behind how became a chef, he was a musician.  Trying to cook for himself food was boring, so he taught himself how to cook, low and behold there was a chef just waiting to come out!
Dennis is featured in Wine & Food Magazine quite often.  Just took an amazing trip to Kenya.
And got a kick butt kitchen remodel this year (jealous!).
Dennis The Prescott.
My Name is Yeh - Molly is this super adorable, tiny little thing that whoop up some amazing food!
She lives on a ranch and has sweet little animals roaming all about.
Recently married Molly can also take some pretty amazing photos that will make you drool all over your computer! Oh yeah and she also just wrote a book!
My Name is Yeh

Daily Dose of Pepper - I started following Star not to long ago on Instagram, she is on a weightloss journey and cooks up some really good light food, I have tried several of her dishes now & Pinned a ton!  And OMG she has the most adorable daughter, you just want to squish her!  
Daily Dose of Pepper

Half Baked Harvest - Tieghan is a young and super talented cook!  Her family is well feed I am sure!  This girl has amazing talent at such a young age, she's definitely going place!  She also lives on a farm and has cute little baby animals :)
Half Baked Harvest.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post & I hope you enjoy checking out these talented foodies!  


  1. Love this post! What a great idea to do a favorite blogger round up!