Monday, September 19, 2016

Lakeville Brewing Company

It's been a long time I feel like since I wrote a date night review.
Well there was the vacation reviews in Grand Marais.  But, nothing local.
I had heard of the Lakeville Brewery coming to town last year, from my daughter while we were having a girls day downtown Lakeville (cute little town).
Finally hubbie and I made it to the brewery.

Youngest was at a birthday party for a few hours so, we took full advantage of those few hours!
Speaking of kids, this is a pretty family friendly brewery.
There is a yard with picnic tables and some yard games you can enjoy in the warmer season.
Seems to be plenty of parking too.

Dinner time!

We started off with an appetizer, shocker - right!?!?!  We ordered the bacon spinach dip, it was good but very salty for my liking.

Hubbie ordered the pressed reuben sandwich with sweet potato tots, I got to try a bite, it was really good!

I ordered the house burger basically it is a california cheese burger.  Very well cooked.  Nothing really to special.  The fries were soggy.

Now the beer that was really good!  My first beer was a heavy beer, with a lingering sweet aftertaste, Milk Stout on nitro.  I could definitely only have one of those.

Next I had their lightest beer, now those go down real easy, the Wet Hopped IPA
Hubbie had the IPA & a 210 IPA

He also ordered a growler, they do not sell growler.  This is what you get.  I'd call this a 40oz , should have come in a paper bag.  Kidding!

I'd come back here and drink the beer, seems like a fun place!  

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