Sunday, September 25, 2016

St. Paul Food Truck Fair

Fun fact about Angie, did you know I was an Yelp Elite?!  All bow to Angie.   KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!  
No really, Yelp is pretty cool.  I do use it often, I like hearing what people think of establishments.  I found great places off of Yelp!  George the Dragon, my new nail place, Envy Nails.
You make friends, find out about cool events and so much more!  
Being an Elite I entered a contest and won free beer tickets to the upcoming St. Paul Food Truck Fair at Mears Park. 
Who doesn't like a good food truck!  There were 31 of them there!  SO many choices!
Beer, food, a band, dancing, products, games and tons of awesome people watching!  What a fun time.
Hubbie and I shared everything we ordered so we did not over do it, cause that would be really easy to do with all those wonderful choices!
Here is what we ate.

Let's start off with my favorite food truck around, I have had this meal a few times now.  The Fried Green Tomato BLT from The Moral Omnivore!  Seriously if you see this truck, get the BLT!  

Ok Hubbie's turn to pick, we tried a bourbon bacon grilled cheese, sounds great right?  Well it was pretty basic, and they totally skimped on bacon, I swear there was one piece on this sandwich. 

What a cute name for a truck Panini Pinups.  I have a friend who lives in Hawaii, so we had the Hawaiian panini in honor of her (she has no clue lol). This would include pineapple, spam and cheese, surprisingly very good!  Now all these sandwiches are just halves we are not splitting a whole sandwich over and over. I can't eat that much! 

Right next to the panini truck as an Asian truck, mama loves a good egg roll, these did not disappoint!

Hubbies choice again, he picked a pulled bbq brisket sandwich, Sorry no photo, he really liked it.  I thought it was ok.

I was hoping to find an Indian taco, I have never had one before, they look SO good!  This is a stock photo.

Also once at a food/beer festival at out local Bachman's one year we had loaded fries from a food truck, and I can't for the life of me remember what truck it was.  but they were AMAZING!!!!  
I didn't find them this day :(  

So that about wraps it up, that was a pretty great event!  

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