Sunday, March 18, 2018

Erik the Red

I heard of this place from my cousin Michelle who actually lives in Wisconsin.  She and her husband were looking for a place to celebrate this past Super Bowl, and she came across Eric The Red, right across from the US Bank Stadium.
What a great idea for a restaurant, Viking themed, Minnesota Vikings, Swedish, Irish, Norwegian etc.
And good thing for me, I found a Groupon for the place!
So husband and I went to check it out one evening.
Like I said it is straight across from the stadium (I keep wanting to say dome! you know what I mean if your from MN)

I did not get many photos of the interior, I didn't want to take photos of the customers.  But, the theme is nice large red & black plaid booths, antlers, deer heads.  The people working here are wearing plaid.  Plaid, Plaid, Plaid!!!  (inside joke).

We sat at the bar.

I'm guessing it was shift changing time, service was a little slow.  But not terrible.
We shared a white fish sampler, served with lefse and rye toast.  Very good! 

Hubbie had a trio of wild game brats with french fries.  He very much enjoyed this.

I had the Thor burger with a side of brussel sprouts, the bacon on the burger was fantastic so thick and the brussels YUMMY!!  My burger was a little dry, I only ate half brought the rest home for the hubster.  

I would totally go back to Erik the Red

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